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Johann KnoTEK

Johann KnoTEK (1949-2016) was an Austrian artist and sculptor. He was engaged with fine arts from a very young age, holding his first solo exhibition at 17. His art, profoundly influenced by travels across more than 60 countries, incorporated elements of African tribe arts and Samen culture. KnoTEK specialized in working with solid wood, skillfully balancing harmony with the material. His works, often blending femininity with nature and featuring elements like water, corals, and fruits, also included erotic and time-critical themes. He increasingly integrated wood with metals, creating innovative sculptures that redefined womanhood, exemplified by his notable sculpture "Liberté", combining plum tree wood and copper.

In his later years, KnoTEK focused on the "Landscapes" series, wall objects merging wood and steel, symbolizing serene aerial views, highlighting his fascination with the juxtaposition of metal's strength and wood's smoothness.
He was a member of "The Austrian Art Association" (Berufsvereinigung der bildenden Künstler Österreichs, Schönbrunn Palace).

For inquiries or more information please contact Anatol Knotek.

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